Even though programmatic has had its advantages when it comes to the buying and selling of digital advertising, buyers says that reporting from ad exchanges often don’t keep the pace that they like.

There is a survey of major programmatic buyers and DSPs by Meatamarkets, who provides analytics for programmatic advertising, that states that 42 percent of respondents feel that they are getting bid request data from ad exchanges through attached spreadsheets.  Over half (52 percent) say that it’s a too difficult to analyze the data for insights.



According to the report, even though there are ongoing discussions about a lack of transparency in the programmatic industry, it’s quite the challenge to get clear, actionable visibility into the reporting.

So what’s causing this “visibility gap”?  Metamarkets believes its due to throttled spends, lower auction competition, lower fill rates, and reduced revenue for publishers.

A COO at a major DSP responded in the survey, “One of the world’s largest exchanges provides a dated spreadsheet that does not have adequate information about pricing and scale. So to run on their platform, we have to take a ‘Fire-Ready-Aim’ approach.”

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