Sisense_Modulo_Digital_Dashboard_full_sizeGetting traffic to your site is pretty cool, especially after all the hard work you put into it.  Of course, you need to know more about the traffic you’re getting aside from the fact that it’s coming to your site.  This is where analytics comes in.  With analytics, you’re able to see what would have normally been denied to you had you not had it set up.

But here’s the catch.  Most people don’t even know how to get started with analytics due to the face that there’s just too much data to look at.  All the data in the world is useless to you if you can’t do anything with it.  This leads us to a more specific part of analytics.

The dashboard.

The marketing dashboard is a great way to ensure that you’re actually using analytics effectively.  But, what is a dashboard?  Basically, a dashboard is a great way to look at all of the most important metrics you need to look at without worrying about getting buried under all the other data you don’t always need to be looking at.  The dashboard provides exactly what you need in order to get a good jumping off point to what needs to be taken care of.

But, how do you know what metrics actually matter?  Well, worry not reader!   has got you covered!  Clive has written an article that helps you to track these important metrics, as well as h\what to do with that information.

Here are a few guidelines provided by Clive to help you along with with making a good dashboard!  Just follow the link below to read the article: