5 Not-So-Common Reconsideration Request Errors

Google penalization file reconsideration request size485 Don’t you love when you put in hours and hours of hard work getting a client site (or even yours for that matter!), and you finally get your site up to a good position on the Google search results, just to find that it suddenly isn’t appearing on Google, or inexplicably stops performing as well as it did?  I guess that means it’s time for a reconsideration request!

There are always going to be reconsideration requests as long as Google is around.   has been around the block a few times with this topic.  She has been struggling with a difficult link cleanup project as of late.  Jenny then was stuck with the idea to write about the topic of reconsideration request errors, just in time for her 100th reconsideration request.

In  her article, 5 Not-So-Common Reconsideration Request Errors, Jenny lists five errors that you probably wouldn’t normally run into while you are doing your own link cleanup project.  Not only does Jenny list them, but she goes into some detail about each of the errors and what you can do to try avoiding them!