5 Data-Driven Lessons In Retention Marketing From E-Commerce Stars

Can stock photo csp10939924 Customer loyalty is a fickle thing.  It can be incredibly difficult enough to get customers to come over to your site to make purchase, but even more difficult to keep them there and stay loyal to your brand.  This is certainly the case in the e-commerce market.  Boy, there is some tough competition there, let me tell you.  Actually, I probably don’t have to tell you.  Many of you probably already know the difficulty you face in customer loyalty.

But how do you keep customers at your side?  How do you stop them from wanting to move on to a new brand and leaving you by the wayside?  The leaders in the e-commerce world, NastyGal, Sole Society, and thredUP defiantly have their ways of to maintain, and even boost their customer retention.  These companies have found ways of taking previous customers and bringing them back into the fold of conversion…but how?  These companies are doing quite well with customer loyalty, so how are they doing this?

, a contributor to Marketing Land, has written a post that describes the ways these companies are achieving breakthrough results, and how other e-commerce marketers are going to be able to learn from them.  He includes five lessons that you can follow to keep your customers engaged with your e-commerce brand.  Just follow the link to Marketing Land below to find out what these lessons are!

Marketing Land: 5 Data-Driven Lessons In Retention Marketing From E-Commerce Stars