When it comes to websites that sells products and services, not every prospective customer wants to, or is ready, to buy right away. Most aren’t looking to talk to a salesperson the moment they land on your site.

But, it’s possible that they may be okay with giving you there contact information in exchange for a resource you provide to them.

As competition for bottom of funnel attention grows, the importance of reaching people early in the consideration stage increases

If you’re a marketer, you have to think of people in all stages of consideration, speaking to those who may not be willing to pull out their pocketbooks right away, but are seriously researching.

In an article by Search Engine Journal, there are five demand generation tactics that you can use to promote via PPC campaigns in order to get users interested enough in your services to enter the marketing funnel.

[Check out the full article here on Search Engine Journal]

SourceTim Jenson