As SEO changes and evolves, we’re always looking for new, smart and easy ways we can “win” at SEO.  Well, it’s the current year, and it’s never a better time to o some spring cleaning in your search engine optimization (SEO) efforts.

Of course, regardless of how fun creating content can be, it takes more than that.  Yes, link building has the ability to delver powerful results, but sometimes, it’s a good idea to drill back down to the fundamentals of SEO.

Technical tasks can definitely be more difficult to do, but they are just as important as content development and link building.  Knowing this, there are some who still ignore this until they cause a major problem

In order to avoid this, an effort has to be made to take care of technical SEO fundamentals before they become a problem.  By keeping on top of things, we’ll see better results come from our SEO efforts.

 has come up with five tactical fundamentals that will help in boosting the effectiveness of our content development and link-building efforts.

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