Does it feel that Facebook has become an ever-changing show that requires you to bend over backwards trying to learn new content tricks, just so it can be seen by your followers?

For many, organic Facebook posts used to receive massive organic engagement.  But now, the same content receives only a few “likes” and the occasional thumbs-up.  It seems that maintaining a good social presence is getting tougher and tougher.

Buy why?

The change in the Facebook algorithm has a lot to do with the way your content is getting marketed.  There is now a “pay to play” platform set up on Facebook, forcing companies to promote heir posts or pay for ads to get any value out of their efforts.

In this case, it isn’t your content at fault for the lack of views, but the way Facebook is showing it.  And making it worse, you have to give up some money in order to get content views.

Companies who would like to receive engagement with their content should learn how it it can be possible.   was able to interview Facebook strategist Logan Young, the VP of operations at BlitzMetrics, to understand how the Facebook algorithm is working today and what that means for your content marketing game.

Sweta has a post on Search Engine Land where he shares tips he learned from Logan that help you boost your content performance on Facebook.

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