5 Go-Tos To Make Online Reviews Work For Your Business

Online reviews resized 600 Whether you like it or not, online reviews plays an important part in determining if a potential customer are going to come to your website or place of business to make a purchase.  This is why it is important to make the best impression you can on your website or storefront.  One review, just one “little” review, is enough to cause a potentially untold amount of future customers to move past your business and right on to the next.

This is why you can’t underestimate the power of the customer review.  Especially now with the power of such sites at Google+ and Yelp.  This is even more important as more and more reviews come out for your business online.  The prominence of reviews in search results are rising.   Did you know that these reviews for businesses are appearing just below the company website?  The placement of these customer reviews can substantially alter other customer’s perceptions of your business, whether for better or for worse.

 has written a column about this topic, and has gone into some details on how to make online reviews work positively for your business.  After all, that’s all we want, right?  To drum up positive views of you and all of your work so you can continue to stay on top?

Check out Chris’ column by following the link below:

5 To Dos To Make Online Reviews Work For Your Business