b2bIt seems that, in some people’s opinion, there are a number of marketing professionals that might be confused about SEO.  To be more specific, the confusion is geared specifically to advising clients on search initiatives.  There are many other things that help add to the confusion, such as search algorithm updates, jargon, and conflicting “expert” opinion.

All B2B marketers know that organic search is important, but do they truly know what they need?  A lot of marketers know that they need SEO.  But it ends there.  The commoditization of SEO services can help muddy the water for B2B marketers.

 has written an article for Search Engine Land that discusses commodified SEO solutions that do nothing more that confuse B2B marketers.  In his blog post, Derek serves up five SEO services that you could pitch to clients in a more commoditized manner.  These services are something that B2B marketers need when trying to evaluate these services.

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