top-link-building-ideasGetting ideas for content can be difficult.  Even if you get a wonderful idea for a great article or blog post, there’s always another problem.  The problem that I am speaking of are links.  This happens to everybody.  They suddenly attempt to shoehorn links in, and this is where things get ugly.  shoehorned links aren’t pretty.  Not only that, but they can be damaging for you as well.  Forcing links can stop you from being creative.

So a question that people might ask is, “how to get a link in a post?”

So how do you extend the messages in your content for more links?   has posted an article on Search Engine Land that shows us her brainstorming process on how you can come up with ideas for getting links from other sites.

For everybody’s information, Julie’s article is looking at just the content.  For the time being, we’ll be focusing on just that, and not social signals, rankings, or anything else like that.

Check out her post below!

Search Engine Land: 5 Pieces Of Content: 25 Link Ideas