5 Practical Ways to Overcome “No New Ideas” Syndrome

Writing ideas Here is something I think everybody can relate to on a normal basis.  Whether we are at work, or at home doing some recreation blogging, story writing, or printing up an article to share with the masses on the internet,  we feel like we can’t think of anything to write if our lives depended on it.  It’s a killer.  You want to write something down, but all you do is star at that blank screen or piece of paper.

This can be really bad if you’re a content marketer.  You’re supposed to be coming up with fresh, new content on a regular basis, and yet, you’re having what I like to call a brain fart.  In other words, you’re having idea fatigue.  It’s normal.  It happens to everybody, so don’t feel embarrassed.

Luckily, there are plenty of ways to you can find that spark of inspiration all over the place.  Hell, you could even look up some inspirational ideas online right now.  But that’s not the point of this post now, is it?    There is an article that has been found on Search Engine Journal that can help you get inspired and begin thinking of things to think about.  In an article written by Federico Einhorn, you will be shown several ways of getting out of that idea-less rut that you may be finding yourself in.

What are the pointers he has for us?  Check out his Search Engine Journal post, 5 Practical Ways to Overcome “No New Ideas” Syndrome.