link_building_iconHere’s a question for you to ponder over.  Should link building be given importance in the coming years?  We all know that this question has been well asked, and asked many times for a while now.  Is link building truly dead, or is there still life in it, which would give SEOs a reason to continue trying to build links to their websites.

For Venchito Tampon, the answer is yes and no.

To Tampon, yes, because of the value links hold in the eyes of Google.  Links are a massive factor in their search algorithm when it comes to judging the relevancy and authority of an individual site.  On the other side of the coin though, we aren’t link building anymore.  We’re earning them.

Whether we are earning links, or building links, we still need them.  After all, online businesses need them in order to survive.  On a post written by Venchito, we will see five profitable ways we can build links to an e-commerce site.  To check them out follow the link below.

Search Engine Journal: 5 Profitable Ways to Build Links to E-Commerce Websites