5 Reasons Why It’s OK to Mention Competitors in Your Content

Competitors Here’s a thought for you to ponder.  What if I came up to you and asked if you’d be willing to mention your competitor within your content?  Would you be okay with that?  Chances are, you would probably raise a couple different concerns.

First of all, you don’t really like the thought of giving the very business your competing against free publicity.  Another though that comes to mind is if you mention the competition (probably in some sort of negative light), that business could come after you for negative press or some form of slander.

So as you can imagine, it’s difficult to convince clients that there’s value in recommending products that isn’t yours.  If you even mention the idea of highlighting a business to your client deems even slightly competitive, you’ll be laughed right out the door.  Your clients don’t like the idea of paying you to promote somebody else’s products, especially a competitor’s.

But behold, a new idea!  Depending on the things you’re trying to accomplish, your niche, and who your competitors are, there could potentially be some good reasons why you’d want to highlight your competitors in certain situations.

So what are these reasons?  Can you think of any?  Whether you can or not, Tom Demers has come up with five reasons why it’s just fine to mention competitors in your content.  These five reasons can be found in a Search Engine Journal post he wrote the other day, and you can check it out by following the link I’ve included in this post below.

Search Engine Journal: 5 Reasons Why It’s OK to Mention Competitors in Your Content