When it comes to advice for tech marketers, it rarely covers the words they should be using.

It’s not really that shocking in a business that takes perverse pride in all the jargon, acronyms and quirky branding.  , in an article he wrote about how language and content of great onboarding emails, brings his inner word nerd to light, but balances it with a dose of actionable information as well.

English users don’t shy away from using words from other languages that capture ideas that otherwise hard to describe, such as angst, zeitgeist and wanderlust.

There’s another word that marketing and product teams should understand – gestalt.  The word refers to the indivisible form and impression of a thing: the whole that’s greater than the sum of its parts.  It’s a fancy word that does a good ob of capturing how people use and perceive the value of software.

Remember the term gestalt, whenever we are tempted to lean on a checklist of features to market a product.  This is simply due to user and customer experience (CX) being far more than the sum of its features. That’s critical in today’s cloud economy, where CX has become an essential quality of successful apps and services.

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