ecommerceSearch Engine Optimization (SEO) can be quite a challenge for sure.  I don’t think you’ll be hearing anybody argue with this fact.  Working on a website and trying to get it to rank well can be hard enough, but doing SEO for large e-commerce websites is a totally different entity all together.

Why is it so different?  Because unlike most other non-e-commerce sites, you have to deal with product inventory and the ever addition of new pages constantly.  Plus, you aren’t the only person responsible for the website, which adds a whole new dynamic to the situation.

You don’t even want to forget about the size of the website.  The number of people working on the website scales with the size of the website.  Now add the fact that those people may not even have much to any SEO knowledge.  This lack of knowledge could have a negative impact on the site’s organic search performance.

Because getting a good ranking on the search engines can be quite expensive for businesses, even small changes can be a big deal.  Columnist  has written a post about this situation, and she addresses some of the unique challenges facing e-commerce sites when it comes to search engine optimization.  Check out her post on Search Engine Land by following the link I’ve provided for you all below.

Search Engine Land: 5 SEO Problems Plaguing E-Commerce Websites