5 Social Media Challenges Brands are Facing in 2022

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Most everybody these days knows just how many social media apps there are out there, and it’s crazy to think of all the ways people can communicate and share with each other. These includes the classics like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Now, we have the likes of TikTok, Lasso, Vero, and Clubhouse, to name a few.

This social media expansion really makes social media marketer’s jobs a lot tougher since there’s more platforms they will have to contend with. Which platform has the best ROI? What app is most of your audience using? What platform’s aren’t even worth the effort?

HubSpot surveyed over 500 marketers to find out what the biggest challenges social media marketers will be dealing with in the year to come. The HubSpot article I will link you to below will show you how to prepare for 2022.

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