For a moment, let’s say you’re doing your thing, staying busy working with your AdWords accounts, checking your weekly conversions.  Those accounts are producing hundreds, if not thousands of conversions a week.  Pretty basic stuff, right?  But then you suddenly stumble upon one of your accounts, and you realize it’s only generating a few conversions in a single month.  This is where you need to start thinking outside the box.

But what’s so hard about it?  We’ll tell you!

The less data you have to work with, the tougher the optimization is.  It’s also harder to measure your growth and performance over time  When it comes to testing, we know this is the bread and butter of any good PPC manger, but when you get little in the way of conversion, it isn’t so easy.

Sure, it’s frustrating, but despite the fact it feels like there isn’t a thing you can do about the low-volume accounts, and that they’re foreer destined to have minimal changes and little growth, there are things you can do to succeed when it comes to optimizing low-conversion-volume accounts in AdWords, addressing Goals, Conversions, Audiences, Optimization and Testing.

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