google-adwords-gradient1-1920Sit back and think for a minute about the number of AdWords accounts there are out there.  Now, out of all those accounts, how many different campaigns must be running under those accounts?  Finally, out of those campaigns, how many keywords must there be?  The number of keywords that AdWords deals with on a daily basis must be staggering.

Out of all those keywords that users put into their campaigns, you know that there has to be some pretty weird terms being used to draw people to their sites, especially when you take them out of context.

 and his team have been auditing over 2,000 AdWords accounts over the course of the last two years, and overall, they’be seen a lot of keywords.  It comes as no surprise that some of them were good, some would obviously be a waste of money, and others just got weird.

Some of these weird terms are examples of how poor keyword strategy can cause your ads to show up for unpredictable searches.  Ultimately, this would cause thousands of dollars worth of waste for the advertisers.  That’s certainly not something anybody wants.

So what are some of the strangest search terms of 2015 that Jacob and team have stumbled upon?  Check out his post on Search Engine Land to find out what they are.

Search Engine Land: The 5 Strangest Search Terms In 2,000+ AdWords Accounts