google-jail-600We’ve heard the phrase from our elders growing up as kids, “do as I say, not as I do,” right?  It always seemed that when our parents would say something like that, it was because they would tell us to do one thing, but then get caught doing the total opposite of the rules they set.  Didn’t it seem hypocritical?  Don’t we wish that every time they would go against their own rules, they’d punish themselves?

It seems that this is what has been happening with Google.  They’ve been caught going against their own rules, and in accordance with those rules, they’d actually punish themselves.  I’m sure many of those who’ve been caught up in getting hit with penalties look at Google now and think, “how does the medicine taste now?  A little bitter?”

 has looked back on some of the times when Google had to suck it up and took action against itself.  In his post on Search Engine Land, Danny is giving five examples of penalties Google put down on itself because of rule-breaking tactics that Google themselves were guilty of.

Following is the link to Danny’s post where you can read the full column and discover five of the penalties that Google created, and used on themselves.  So go and check it out!

Search Engine Land: 5 Times Google Penalized Itself for Breaking Its Own SEO Rules