5 Tips To Kill The Competition In Local Search

Google+ localYou’ve got yourself a business, right?  That could be one of the reasons you’re here right now.  The next question that I will ask is, does your business have a local presence?  If so, it’s strongly recommended that you take a look at Google+ Local.  Getting your hands on a local profile is important, as it is great for your marketing practice if your business has a physical location.  After all, by using Google+ Local, you will will be able to reach 97% of those searching for online for local businesses.

Aside from that massive benefit to using the service, Google+ Local can help your business get displayed closer to to top of Google’s SERPs.  When there is a search made with local intent, Google+ Local listings will be included at the top in the “blended results”.

 is here to help with five tips that can help you leap over the local competition.  He has written up five simple tips that can  help you overtake other businesses, and rank higher on the SERPs.  To check them out, you can follow the link below.

Search Engine Land Column: 5 Tips to Kill The Competition In Local Search