50+ Things You Should Learn About Your Client

Learning There are some things that are easy, while there are some things that are difficult.  When it comes to having learned the craft that you diligently took the time to learn and become an expert at, it turned from being difficult to being easy.  You’ve gotten used to doing the difficult stuff, and now it’s pretty easy.  But there will always be more difficult things to deal with, more hard times to come.  What could possibly be hard now that you’ve learned to deal with your craft?  It’s called experience.  Eventually, there will be some sort of experience down the road that will test you.  This is what can be makes things difficult for you.

For SEO, there can be challenges that you have to overcome, especially when you’re still learning.  But once you’ve gotten over the hump, things can seem to go a lot easier.

Being able to sit behind the computer, creating and running all of your AdWords campaigns, performing marketing tasks, and doing social media may be time consuming, and perhaps a bit challenging, but the difficulty isn’t nearly as horrible as when you all started out on your first day, right?  I know that’s certainly true for me.  The first day I started doing anything related to SEO, marketing and social media, it was certainly overwhelming.  But I finally found my niche in writing and social media, and I went with it.  Now things are much more stress free then they were before.

But for some, there are still difficulties to deal with, no matter how experienced you are behind the computer.  If you are an SEO, you may know what you’re doing when you’ve got a keyboard under your fingers, and the soft glow of a monitor surrounding you, but when you start having to deal with clients, that’s when things start getting crazy.  Rob Ousbey has learned this the hard way.  In his Moz Blog article entitled “50+ Things You Should Learn About Your Client“, his experience dealing with a client that he though he was totally prepared for that ended up going the wrong way totally made him learned a good lesson.  In this line of work, SEO can be easy, but consulting is hard.

Because of his experience, Rob has learned a number of skills that can turn anybody into an effective consultant.  Because of these lesson’s Rob, has decided to share some of the things you should learn about your client so you don’t end up embarrassing yourself, botching the one opportunity you had to earn a solid paycheck, and in the end, totally lose a client.

To learn about some things that you could use to help in your consultations with your clients, you can go to Moz.com and find Rob’s post, or you can just follow the link below, which would take you straight to the good stuff!

Moz Blog: 50+ Things You Should Learn About Your Client