The newest from ad exchange OpenX points to deepening adoption of ads.txt and changing programmatic practices.

It was reported by OpenX that 54 percent of the comScore 1000 had implemented ads.txt on their sites by mid-January.  This has risen by 7 percent by August, when ads.txt adoption was slow to scale.  The focus of the OpenX analysis was on the largest publishes, with adoption monitored by its own crawler.

OpenX, with critical mas achieved, has chosen to institute a ban from its exchange on all reseller inventory that is not authorized in a publisher’s ads.txt file.  According to OpenX, it is going to start implementing the new compliance requirement in the coming weeks.  By the end of Q1, every unauthorized reseller traffic will be blocked from sites that implemented ads.txt files.  Many buyers and DSPs said that are going to no longer buy unauthorized inventory.  As of October of last year, Google’s DoubleClick Bid Manager began transacting only on inventory from authorized sellers in publishers’ ads.txt files when available.

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