6 Principles of Service Design to Help You Reach Your Customers

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This-is-service-design-thinkingI’m not sure how many of you have heard of service design, so before I go any further, let’s define the term.  In short, service design is when you take two exact services, websites, or physical stores that offer the exact same thing at the exact same price, and then choose one over the other.    A good service design is a series of tangible and intangible brand experiences that will make users differentiate and choose between products and services.

Lately,Maria Hayhow, the author of a recent blog post on Moz has been interested in what it takes to make a good service design, and how it can be used to enhanced businesses and brands.  What can you do to connect with your users and customers to make them choose you instead of  your competitor?

Maria gives us six principles of service design that will help us better reach our customers and potentially make them want to shop with us instead of the competition.  To check out Maria’s principles, you can follow the link below!

Column: 6 Principles of Service Design To Help You Reach Your Customers

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