google-adwords-logoAutomation in PPC can be really great.  I mean come on, it makes life in SEO just that much easier for us, doesn’t it?  You don’t have to do as much manually to get the data you need for yourself and your client.  But with ease comes something that isn’t so great.  Expense.  These tools that help speed things along can get pretty expensive.  And who likes spending extra money like that?

Perhaps tools like Marin and Kenshoo are necessary evils in the world of SEO.  Sure, they may be expensive to use, but they they certainly have their upsides.  They’re consistent, and they’re sure as hell faster at doing their job when compared to what would happen if you decided to do the same work on your own.

But, sometimes, it’s possible to do certain things on your own with out the worry of spending money on PPC tools.   is going to take us through some common PPC tasks that can be done manually through AdWords, without spending a red cent.  Plus, these tasks can actually be automated to get the data you want without going through the trouble and expense of buying a single tool.

Find out what you can do to automate some tasks in AdWords for free by following the link below.

Search Engine  Land: 6 Tasks To Automate In AdWords Without Scripts Or Tools