Google Display NetworkThe Google Display Network has been around for a while now.  Many SEOs know how to work with it, yet it seems that there is still a number of SEOs who don’t quite know what they’re doing, as they continuously make the same mistakes over and over again when dealing with the Display Network.

 has written up a post for Search Engine Land that gives us a list of seven common issues that can come about from running a display campaign if you aren’t staying on top of things.  These issues include:

  1. Unnecessary Pausing of Keywords
  2. Not Adjusting Keyword Level Custom Bids
  3. Not Making Use Of Bid Adjustments
  4. Havng A Static Strategy and Structure
  5. Only Utilizing Image Ads
  6. Not Testing Ads
  7. Expecting The Same Results As From Search Campaigns

In Rebekah’s post, you can find more details on each of these points by following the link below to read her post in full.

Search Engine Land: 7 Common Pitfalls Of Google Display Network Campaign Management