MozConMozCon has come and gone.  For those who bought their tickets to the event, MozCon came in like a wrecking ba…I mean, like Christmas morning for the excited SEOs and online marketers out there.  For three days, between July 14th and 16th, presentations were given and ideas flew gracefully through the air like eight tiny reindeer.

Although anumber of people got to go to this year’s annual MozCon event, even more wasn’t able to.  But that doesn’t mean that those people are going to totally lose out.   is going to share the MozCon love in the Moz Blog today by sharing all of the best slide decks from MozCon.  Next month, videos will be coming along to further excite those who couldn’t attend the event.

You can either download the decks from MozCon, or if that’s not really your thing, just follow the link below to Erica’s post and check out the decks on!

Moz Blog: 7 Empowering Presentations and More from MozCon