7 Neglected Facts Every Digital Marketer Needs to Know

Factstamp So you’ve worked hard on your digital marketing strategy, right?  But are you sure that all of the strategies that you are utilizing are all based on fact?

If you are working based solely hunches and intuition, you’ll be taken only so far.  By relying on these too much, there is even a chance that you, as the marketer, will become out of touch with reality.  By remembering and utilizing the facts, you will remain grounded.  It’s these facts that keep our eyes unclouded and able to see what’s really there.  In the end, we will be able to see more opportunities for what they are and find that competitive edge that we are all looking for.

Carter Bowles has put together seven facts for all of us marketers.  These facts have been written up in a Moz Blog post for two simple reasons.

  1. To the industry they have huge implications,
  2. Even with the implications, they are usually ignored.

So, here is where I will tell you that if you would like to take a look at Carter’s post, and ultimately, his seven facts that we digital marketers are going to need to know, go ahead and check out his post found on Moz.com.  Or to make it more simple, you can follow the link I provide below.

Moz Blog:  7 Neglected Facts Every Digital Marketer Needs to Know