7 Things CMOs Should Know About Attribution

Attribution resized 600 In this day and age, marketing attribution has never been more difficult or complicated than it is now.  With all of the marketing channels and devices that have been popping up over these last several years, things have just gotten crazier.  And to think that a few years ago, it wasn’t nearly this complicated.

So are you an expert in attribution?  If your answer is no, don’t worry, you aren’t alone.  There are others whose basic knowledge on attribution is a bit iffy as well.

When it comes to the value of each channel or touchpoint during every customer’s purchase process, most marketers find it impossible to pinpoint that value.  Basically, it’s impossible to say what these marketers are effectively spending their budget on and optimizing revenue.  And that’s just the thing, being able to know you’re effectively spending your hard earned money on budgets with a high ROI is the point of attribution.

In a post by , the things that CMOs need to know about attribution that can make a difference in how you approach your marketing budget will be broken down into seven easier to handle bits.  This way, it’ll make the process easier to handle.

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