During ‘s time as a B2B SEO and marketing consultant, she didn’t really think about giving PPC a try until Google changed the layout for its search results to remove right-side ads, as well as increase the number of ads appearing above the organic results as to as many as four.

Once that happened, SEO had changed.  It became a whole new game, especially when Dianna had been working with small manufacturers, man who were didn’t really know much, if anything, about SEO to begin with.  When she saw the lower CTRs and clients’ listing being pushed farther down the page, Dianna knew it was time for to learn AdWords so that she could offer it as a new service.

Even though she had quite a skill set already, she still found herself making mistakes and having to spend time researching to figure things out.

AdWords does have a bit of a steep learning curve.  Can you imagine what small business owners are going through?

In an article written by Dianna, she talks about some of the things she learned, from an AdWords newbie perspective, that you can use if you’re considering an AdWords campaign for your small manufacturing business.