75 Content Starters for Any Industry

Content ideas Imagine this, if you will.  You’re a content writer for a website, and you’ve completely hit a creative brick wall.  You can’t think of topics or find any forms of inspiration inside your mind.  What do you do?  There are quite a number of things you could actually do to that could bring out the muse in you that would help you bring words to life.  Sure, you could easily go online and search everywhere on the internet for that one bit of inspiration that could set off an entire blog entry or article.

But, before you do that, there’s another source of inspiration that you may be thinking about.

Yourself and others.

You could draw the ideas for content creation right from your own experiences.  What are the things you’ve done that could translate well into a written piece of art?  Amanda Gallucci has some ideas that could help jump start some great ideas for your writing, and it all starts with you.  Further more, it doesn’t even have to be just you.  It could be other people’s experiences as well.  Ask your co-workers about what they’ve learned over time about something.

In Amanda’s Moz Blog post, she gives us 75 content starters that could really help you think of something to write about if you are unable to think of anything yourself.  To check out what Amanda has in store for more ideas, check out her post in the following link!

Moz Blog: 75 Content Starters For Any Industry