8 Reasons why You Should Be Using Quote Tweets More Often For Twitter Marketing

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Let’s talk about something that we don’t typically think about discussing – the quote tweet.

Launched back in April of 2015, this new feature gave Twitter users a new way to share a tweet while being able to share their thoughts on it.

Quote tweets are a great functionality that Twitter created to cut though the noise, giving you the ability to add your own perspective on any topic.

But why should we be using them? What’s the benefit of using Quote tweets?

Neal Schaffer has shared the 8 reasons why businesses should be using Quote tweets more often in their Twitter feed, including:

  1. Your Quote is Supported by Twitter and super easy to use to retweet
  2. Quoting lets you add your own perspective
  3. Quoting gives room for additional creativity
  4. Prominence of your combined content
  5. You’ll get better notifications
  6. Quote tweets don’t loose track of the content creator
  7. Using quote tweets allows you to recycle content
  8. Quote tweets are perfect for responding to questions in Twitter chats