8 Tools For Google Penalty Recovery

Google flyswatter penalty 600 Let’s face it.  Google penalties suck.  There’s no need to make excuses or make it sound better than they really are.  Penalties can be a major setback, and it’s imperative that if you are hit with one, you take immediate and aggressive action to recover your organic search rankings.

The first thing you want to do when hit in the chops with a penalty is not to panic.  That only makes things worse.  Once you’ve accepted the fact that your site has been struck with a penalty, it’s time to gather up the right set of tools and begin the process of recovery.  By using what you’ve got in your disposal, you can get your site back up to par.

So what kind of tools do you need to get your site back on its feet?   has some tools in mind that could really help your penalty-induced situation.  Actually, he has eight of them to be exact.  These tools for penalty recovery not only help you get out of the Google penalty box, but stay out of it.

Check out Chris’ post on Search Engine Land by following the link below and discover the tools that can help you get out of trouble!

Search Engine Land: 8 Tools For Google Penalty Recovery