Users are bombarded with content at every turn as they surf the internet, much like they would with commercials on television.  It can be overwhelming, so marketers have to find ways to capture their attentions and stand out.

Marketers have to not only conduct extensive research so that the content they deliver is awesome, but they also need their content and web pages to be promoted, discovered and engaged with.

In order to help with all the facets of content development, user engagement, or “user signals,” should be tracked actively in Google Analytics as part as a marketer’s content marketing campaign.  This is something that is important because it’s been speculated for quite a while that user experience is a ranking factor.  By understanding who is engaging with your content will help with future content campaigns and business decision.

When users engage with your content and you actively track their actions, you can benefit by:

  • An increase in leads and conversions.
  • Increasing the chances of a return visit.
  • Indirectly influencing search engine rankings for relevant keyword terms.
  • Cultivating brand loyalty.
  • Establishing your presence and visibility on the web.
  • Increased conversations and “chatter” about your brand.

From a branding aspect, it’s especially important to provide engaging content.  Standing out is a necessity.  One of the best ways for your business to shine is by creating and promoting unique and insightful content.

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