9 SEO Truths Behind the Zombie Guest Blogging Apocalypse

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Zombie“With great power, comes great responsibility.”  Isn’t that what Uncle Ben said to Peter Parker in Spiderman?  It seems that holds true in real life too.  When Somebody like Matt Cutts comes out and says “Guest blogging is done,” all the message boards, comments sections and reactions in Youtube videos in the SEO world just explode into an apocalypse of craziness.

Yes, the crisis of the current guest blogging situation is may not be great, with a lot of spam filled posts fulling our blogs as of late, but does that mean that everything about guest blogging is gone?  Not by a long shot!  What many people may be forgetting, is that Matt Cutts is cutting the cord on guest blogging for link building.  But honest, true guest blogging is still alive and well.

Chad Pollitt is here to try keeping the guest blogging apocalypse under control by giving us a bunch of truths that should help us ease our minds and let us know that guest blogging is still around.   Check out Chad’s YouMoz blog post about the zombie blogging apocalypse.

YouMoz Blog: 9 SEO Truths Behind the Zombie Guest Blogging Apocalypse

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