9 Tips for Writing an SEO Optimized Blog Article

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The internet has completely changed the landscape of marketing over the last two decades. While competition has increased, there are also many more opportunities for growth. Implementing SEO optimized blog articles is one of the best strategies for increasing website traffic and building leads. This article will look at the importance of SEO and the best tips for writing great SEO articles.

What is SEO Content?

SEO stands for search engine optimization. SEO content services increase the virtual visibility of your company by utilizing specific strategies and keywords to improve your website’s rank in search engine results. When was the last time you clicked ‘next’ past the first page of Google results? A higher rank in search engines means more website traffic and more sales for your business. An SEO company in Portland can help you create content that increases your ranking, thus translating to better conversion.

How SEO Optimized Articles Can Help Your Business

Many people who use a search engine aren’t even looking for a product or service– they’re looking for information. SEO-optimized articles and blog posts give you more clicks and visibility, bringing consumers to your website who otherwise would not have found it. Crafting industry-related quality content demonstrates your knowledge and care for the customer by providing them with free information which may influence them to look further into your business. 

9 Tips for Crafting the Perfect SEO Optimized Blog Article

Writing excellent SEO-optimized content is not as easy as it sounds. It’s vital to ensure your blog articles are well-written and follow a few guidelines to increase efficacy. Here are nine tips you can follow to craft the best SEO-optimized pieces for your business.

  1. Remember Your Audience

It’s easy to whip out a quick article that checks a few boxes, but keeping your audience in mind is crucial to creating the quality content readers want. Gimmicky articles that read like a sales pitch can feel dull and redundant. Instead of strictly advertising your product or service, craft industry-related blog posts that answer a reader’s questions and concerns. Think about what your target audience wants to hear. 

  1. Pick a Good Headline

You only have a few seconds to grab a consumer’s attention, so make sure your title packs a punch! A good headline uses powerful, creative words while still maintaining clarity. Readers shouldn’t have to guess what the article is about. Boring headlines will have people scrolling to the next result, while something too abstract may lead them to believe the post isn’t what they are looking for. Find a happy medium by using the right words and being straightforward with your headlines. SEO content writing services can help you pick a great title.

  1. Use Keywords Naturally

Using SEO keywords in your blog post is critical for optimizing your content, but using too many is called “keyword stuffing” and may be detrimental. Use keywords in a natural way that doesn’t interfere with the flow of your writing. An Oregon SEO company can help you determine the best keywords to put in your posts and how to use them naturally.

  1. Properly Structure Your Posts

As any SEO company in Portland will tell you, formatting matters! Headlines with small paragraphs are a great way to keep your reader engaged. Headlines allow someone visiting your website to quickly scan the article and see if it has the information they want. Tagging headlines can help you maintain the correct structure for your blog posts.

  1. Implement Images

Large chunks of text can turn off readers. The occasional image can make your content pop, which is attractive to most consumers. Including a photo or two in your post increases readability and visual appeal. Pictures allow you to promote your article on Pinterest and other platforms that are more visually based.

  1. Use Social Media

Never underestimate the power of social media! Pushing your blog post on social media platforms such as Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook can put your business in front of a whole new audience. Make sure users can easily share the post for even more increased visibility. SEO content services can help you craft compelling content that potential leads will devour on these platforms. 

  1. Use Links

An SEO company in Portland can help you put internal links in all the right places. Using links in your blog posts ensures that your business will be referenced if another platform happens to pick up your article. It also gives your reader somewhere to go if they’d like to learn more about your business.

Aside from linking to your site, you should also link sources with high authority. Linking to studies or statistics increases your credibility and builds trust with your readers. However, be sure you aren’t linking to competitors.

  1. Keep Track of Activity On Your Posts

Using internal tracking tools like Google Analytics allows you to track your posts’ activity, such as visitors’ numbers, links clicked, and time spent on the website. These metrics give you invaluable insight into your consumer so that you can adjust your content accordingly. An Oregon SEO company can also help keep track of your progress and give you tips on improving conversion and site activity.

  1. Keep it Real

Never underestimate the touch of an authentic human voice. As the technology surrounding artificial intelligence (AI) expands, there are new tools that can automatically generate SEO content. Human writers help establish a natural, personal tone that cannot simply be replicated artificially. Google may rank an AI article as spam, which hurts your search engine ranking. Keep it real and connect with readers by using content tailored to your business’s tone.

Optimize Your Website With SEO Content Today

SEO content writing services from an SEO company in Portland can help you craft intriguing, high-ranking blog posts that will keep potential consumers coming back for more. Using these tips, you can build your website, increase your conversion, and take your business to the next level!

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