google_news_logoNews is something that will always be important to us.  The importance of news is a very profound to each of  us, for it is what brings us information as to what is going on in your life, your area, and your world that is prevalent to you in some way, shape and form.

Does your website contain not just new information on a regular time frame, but does your site actively display news content?  Is  your site displaying fresh content about current events?  Writing quality news content on a regular basis can be hard work.

IF you were putting in a lot of effort in creating this kind of content on a regular basis, wouldn’t you want to get as many clicks from Google as possible?  Even if it’s only 10-20% extra clicks, would that be worth putting in just a little extra work?  To a lot of you, that would probably be a resounding yes.

A way to get your content to be viewed by more people would be to try getting your content to be displayed on Google News!

, a contributor on Search Engine Land has written an article about how to get your newsworthy content onto Google News.  What are the do’s and don’ts?  What are the steps taken to make sure your content can be put on Google’s News pages?

To find out how, simply click on over to Search Engine Land and find out all you need to know to do it by following the link below!