When it comes to ranking for local SEO, it used to be pretty straightforward.  Just add your NAP to the footer, create some directory links, and there you go.  You knew you were going to rank.

But when the 7-packs became 3-packs, ranking became tougher.  Local directory links simply aren’t enough anymore.

Now, if you want to rank in local SEO, you need more.  You need content.

If you’re a small business owner, it’s unlikely that you’ll be able to compete with big chains for keywords, especially if they’re generic, such as “car tires,” or “donuts.”  But it’s possible to rank for terms like “best tires in Portland.”

A good example is what the team did with sereseller.com did.  They increased traffic almost 300 percent by creating custom local content.

Content is a really great way to rank for less competitive, local keywords.

So unless your local business has achieved superstar status, you’ll want to check out Search Engine Journal .

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