How 90s HTML Coding Will Save The SEO World In 2014

Seo in 2014 It’s always fun to reminisce about the days of old, as well as decades past.  I always catch myself thinking of those times and ask, “Don’t you remember when…?”  Taking a bit of a blast form the past will be something we to together in this post.  And what exactly is this post about?  It certainly isn’t about talking about old 80’s hairstyles, that’s for sure.

This post is all about how a little 90s HTML coding may actually help the SEO world in our current time of 2014.  But what could old out-dated coding do to help us now?  Well, the article that I will be linking you all to in a moment will start us off with the sprite.

The term sprite will certainly make gamers think of old video games that used sprite animation instead of today’s polygon filled game screens.  Although sprites were used quite a bit back then, they were used back in the 90s when it came to HTML.  Sprites were a bit like contact sheets of snapshots of characters used to animate motion in gaming, but sprites were adopted by HTML programmers to create rich-visual layouts and interactions for web pages without the need to load a ton of individual images.

So how does this old method of using sprites apply to today?  You can find out by following the link to a Search Engine post written by  entitled, “How 90s HTML Coding Will Save The SEO World In 2014.”  Check it out!

Search Engine Land: How 90s HTML Coding Will Save The SEO World In 2014