A Case For Fewer And More Productive Meetings

Slastmeeting When I say nobody likes meetings, I think I can confidently speak for quite a few of us.  It seems that many of them just drag on, and they don’t really accomplish much outside of discussing reporting and the like.  Instead of talking about it, you would be far more productive actually working and getting something done.

There are businesses that seem to focus a little too much on having meetings scheduled throughout the week, rather than allowing employees to get work done, and that can not only be a little boring, but counter-productive.

When it comes to meetings, there are two different sides to the coin.

  1. The first side is not attending them when they just aren’t necessary.  If you feel that the meeting doesn’t need you there, and there’s nothing to be gained from it, then perhaps your time would b better spent getting work done.  This way, you can feel like you’ve accomplished something, instead of sitting around a table.
  2. Secondly, if you’re running a meeting, make sure that there’s a purpose for it.  Make sure that you’re on-point through the meeting, and make sure that you focus on a specific outcome.  If there’s too much other stuff clogging up the works, and doesn’t have have the desired outcome, there’s no reason to have a meeting, is there?

There’s a column by Marta Turek that explains the current state of the workplace, and the amount of work that is done throughout the week, due to meetings, workplace distractions, as well as finding the right balance between work and meetings.

Check out her post by going over to Moz.com, or follow the link below to go directly to the post.

Moz Blog: Let Me Work, Please: A Case for Fewer & More Productive Meetings