The second session of SMX Advanced 2018 was the SEO Keynote: A Conversation with Google’s Ilya Grigorik.

Ilya is a Web Performance Engineer and also the co-chair of W3C Web Performance Working Group and author of the book “High Performance Browser Networking” (O’Reilly). He jokingly refers to himself as an internet plumber.

Here is the session overview:

Join Google Web Performance engineer Ilya Grigorik for this fireside chat where he’ll discuss web performance, site speed, user experience, security and mobile-friendliness, top-of-mind issues for advanced SEOs confronting next month’s Speed Update, and already dealing with the mobile-first index. We’ll also take a look at how the evolution of the web and Google search have impacted both user experience and user expectations, and discuss where developments for each are headed. Bring your questions and curiosity to this interactive chat!

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