cute_baboon-7665Trust is an important thing in this world.  It doesn’t matter what the conditions are, what the situation is.  If something happens to you, and the person that you trusted did something that would break it, it would be difficult to ever believe in that person again, wouldn’t it?  As an example, if you grew up in a family where the parents were divorced due to trust issues, there’s a chance that that person would begin mistrusting others.

A similar situation can happen in businesses as well.  Have you ever been online and done some sort of transaction with a business online?  Do you trust them?  Do you not trust them?  If you are experiencing any mistrust of a business online, what was the reason?  Perhaps they tried selling you something that didn’t live up to what you expected (as well as what they advertised online).  It could be when you tried getting some customer service, they dropped the ball so badly that you aren’t sure you want to do business with them anymore.

In another example of trust,  talks about the trust between male baboons.  In a nutshell, they will fondle each other’s testicles in a display of the ultimate trust.  Now, I know that this is a really weird thing to talk about in an SEO blog.  But just follow along for a moment longer so I can explain why I’m talking about baboon testicle fondling.

In Cam’s Moz blog entitled “You Are The Other Baboon: A Comprehensive Guide to Building Trust Online,” he start’s off talking about this bizarre relationship between male baboons.  And luckily, there is a legitimate point behind it.  This analogy is a great way to open up the idea of building trust in your content.  Basically, when you’re “online, your website is the ‘other baboon'”.

When putting trust in a site online, such as when it comes to giving up your money and your contact info and the like, you’re going to be cautious about them.  You’re going to scrutinize them.  This is why, from a business point of view, you’ve got to do what you can to build trust in your company, and in your site.  It’s the only way people will do any sort of business with you.

In Cam’s article, you will find out how to build a website that people are going to trust. For more of the details, you can go to the Moz site by following the link below to the posted article.

YouMoz: You Are The Other Baboon: A Comprehensive Guide to Building Trust Online