It’s nice to see companies trying to help others during this time of need. On August 14, Facebook announced a tool that lets Page owners create an online even, set a price, promote and host events, and collect payments, and it is calling it “paid online events.”

Currently, paid online events are free, and SMBs can set up these paid events or classes online. The SMBs are able to keep all of the revenue that they make. The only time this won’t work is with iOS, since event hosts have to give up 30% “App Store tax.”

According to Facebook, “Pages can host events on Facebook Live to reach broad audiences, and we’re testing paid events with Messenger Rooms for more personal and interactive gatherings.”

With COVID-19, being able to move online with these kind of events can really help small businesses and business owners who are having a rough go since the pandemic began.

Source – Facebook and Marketing Land