Are you in a situation where you have to know exactly when your campaigns begin running out of budget, and not after overspending?  When you need to know when you’re getting alarmingly close, there’s a script for that.

As you know, Google is able to spend twice your daily budget in order to help reach your goals.  Even those this can be good, there are times where you need to be more restrictive with your spend and avoid overspending at all costs.  A script that can pause campaigns when spend goes too far over budget has already been shared, but this script is meant to be a preventative measure if your budget is more limited.

[Note: As of September 2019, this script will no longer function due to an update to the Google Ads platform.]

As an example, if your budget is gets close to being exhausted, you might also want to figure out until when in the day it lasts, without manually looking at the reports every day. This will help you monitor overspending trends on a day to day basis.

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