A Guide To Automatic Accessibility Solutions For Search Marketers

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Creating a website that is accessible to as many people as possible is a great way to not only increase the people who can come to your site, but to also increase the potential business your company can get. It’s a win-win for everybody involved.

In addition to benefiting users with disabilities, a well-designed, accessible web site can help businesses practice social inclusivity, improve their brand perception, and build a better experience for all customers.

Not surprisingly, it’s not easy making a workaround for a website that meets accessibility conformance guidelines for everybody. But we find that there are digital marketers out there who promising increased conversions for more people with disabilities who have to use assistive technology by using tools that they don’t understand, at least, not fully.

If you’re a business owners who is considering buying automictic accessibility testing solutions, you need to make sure you know what you’re doing before you fully integrate them into your business website.

Kim Krause Berg wrote a Search Engine Journal column about what you should do when thinking of purchasing automatic accessibility testing solutions. Her column will help you learn what they are, how they can help, and what could end up attracting ADA lawsuits.

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