youtube-iconsbkgd-1920-800x450I’m sure a great number of people have used YouTube by now.  And if you have, you have noticed quite a number of ads being shown before your video starts, then you know how much of a pain they can be to watch, despite the fact you know that it’s ads that keeps YouTube free for us.

But if you are one of those who really wishes that there was a way to dispel ads from YouTube all together, than you are going to be in luck.  There is a new “premium” service coming soon, called YouTube Red, which not only includes the removal of ads, but also gives us offline access to content,, as wwell as the abiility to play videos in the background on mobile devices.  This new services will set you back $9.99 a month

The biggest feature that has drawn attention is the ad-free video watching, which does sound tempting.  This probably won’t mean much for marketers and content creators, unless YouTube Red actually takes off.  If it does become a big thing, then ads will become integrated directly into content, and specific placements won’t be avoided.

Another great feature for the heavy YouTube user is the offline mode and the ability to listen to videos while using other apps in the background.  How cool does this feature sound when you’re a heavy music listener who uses the video service to get your music fix, and you love listening to music videos?  Also, you can save a video for future offline consumption, which will let you view it when there isn’t an online connection in site.

Other bonuses include access to the new YouTube Gaming app and a new YouTube Music app.  As an addition to everything else, the $9.99 price tag will also give you the ability to check out member only access to YouTube Originals.  Access to these Originals will begin next year and will include content from creators like PewDiePie and College Humor.

But since YouTube Originals isn’t going to be available since launch, YouTube Red will be a bit of a mishmash of future benefits, previous betas and some basic improvements.  I guess we’ll have to see how much YouTube Red picks up after after Originals launches.

There will be a one-month free trial that starts on October 28th for US viewers.  For more information, see the official YouTube post.

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