A Sneak Preview of #MozCon 2015

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MozIs it getting close to that time of year again that MozCon will be on top of us again?  For this year’s MozCon, it will take place in Seattle between July 13 and 15 this year, and there will be some great speakers at this year’s convention.  As of this point, the agenda hasn’t been finalized, but some of the speakers that will appear this year at MozCon include:

  • Adam Singer
  • Cindy Krum
  • Courtney Seiter
  • Dana DiTomaso
  • David Mihm
  • Joanna Wiebe
  • Kristina Halvorson
  • Lexi Mills
  • Marshal Simmonds
  • Marta Turek
  • Matthew Brown
  • Mig Reyes
  • Pete Meyers
  • Puma Virji
  • Rand Fishkin
  • Richard Millington
  • Wil Reynolds

If you’re unsure who some of these people are, you can find out exactly who they are and what they will be talking about at the show by going to Erica McGillivray’s post on the Moz Blog.

So what else is there to expect?  You can expect networking, a pub crawl in Seattle’s Belltown neighborhood, and a Moz party at the Garage, which includes karaoke, bowling, pool, and fun!

So if you are interested, you can purchase tickets by following the link here, or you can do it by checking out the Moz Blog post below!

Moz Blog: A Sneak Preview of #MozCon 2015

Original Post by Erica McGillivray

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