A Technical SEO Guide To Advanced Core Web Vitals

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As we wind down the year, it’s always good to look back on some of the old, yet still useful, content from the SEO side of the internet. One of these pieces of content includes a post by Search Engine Journal that looks an in-depth look into their advanced Core Web Vitals by Jamie Indigo.

As you make your way through the internet and it’s variety of websites and pages, I’m sure you’ve grown to have a certain expectation of your overall user experience on these sites.

When trying to create a good user experience for people when they visit your site, it sounds like it’d be an easy process on paper, but in practice, it’s a bit more complicated than that.

According to a study cited by Google in a blog post about Core Web Vitals, you have less than eight seconds to deliver interactive content and get a user to complete a particular task.

The SEJ team reposted their content from earlier this year, so it would be a good idea to check it out so you can get some assistance with Advanced Core Web Vitals!

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