obama-king-of-united-states-800x427Who is the king of the United States?  Well, according to Google, it would be Barack Obama.  

[King Of United States]  As far as the news yesterday was concerned, a Google Answer box had appeared

The Google Answer was pulled from Breitbart, which was a story posted almost a week ago entitled All Hail King Barack Obama, Emperor Of The United States Of America!

Google apparently thought it was true and assigned it to their Google Answers database, potentially filled within their knowledge graph.

Who knows if Google thought of this as an Easter Egg, or they seriously didn’t know about it when this went live on their search results.  In that case, it could simply be a case of getting it their answers from third party sources.

As of this writing, when I tried it, the Answer box did not appear for me on Google, but I did see the Breitbart article in the search results.

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