social_login_button_18Despite a limited wariness about privacy and a strong preference for convenience, a large number of folks in the U.S. to use social logins to connect with digital sites and apps.  According to a Gigya survey that was released today,  77% of consumers will use social logins to enter sites and apps, simply because it’s more convenient.  This is an almost 50% increase over a survey done by Gigya in 2012.

When you hear about this sharp increase of social logins, is this really surprising?  Being able to sign in with a click of the mouse, or touch of a button, is much easier, faster, and more convenient than going through the longer and more cumbersome registration process.  But even with the idea that there was wariness about how their data would be used, most of the respondents in the survey said they were willing on using social logins.  There is always the concern about possibly selling personal data, posting on the user’s wall without permission, as well as spamming their friends on the social network they signed in with.

“It’s clear that consumers today have reached a threshold where convenience is king,” said Patric Saley, Gigya CEO, in a release. “Our study shows that social login use is becoming essentially ubiquitous and is becoming a standard for consumers when interacting with brands on web and mobile. “Yet the need for transparency into how information is being collected and used has not diminished. Consumers are willing to share information if they know what it is being used for and how it will benefit them.”

For more specifics on this survey, you can check out the original source written by Martin Beck