It seems like you first hear about reports and surveys that Facebook is becoming less popular with teens, and then you hear the next day that this isn’t the case.  Now we find yet another survey that contradicts the latter and falls in line with the first.  There is a survey done by Piper Jaffray, an investment bank, that found a pretty big drop off over the course of the last half year in the number of teens who says they are using Facebook.

To put the drop off into perspective, out of 7,200 teens surveyed, the percentage of teens who use Facebook went from 72% in the spring of 2014 to 45% this fall.  After this sort of mass migration from Facebook, this puts the social network squarely into third place among teens after Instagram (used by 76% and ironically owned by Facebook) and Twitter (59%).

It seems that the most common belief, based on a Marketing Land post, the reason that the younger crowd is leaving the social network is that they want a disconnect from their parents, who are probably also on Facebook as well.

But yet, here we have other surveys that, as I mentioned in the beginning of this post, that teens are using Facebook regularly, and in large amounts too.  In another recent survey done in June by Forrester Research and Niche, result data was published showing that at least 75% of teens are using Facebook.

I guess it all shows that different surveys done in different areas show different results, right?  The results shown in multiple surveys never truly jive with each other all the times.

The full report can be found here.

The following graphic is the Piper Jaffray chart:


Original Source by Martin Beck